The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Non-Boring Buns

bun hair

photo pinkycologne/flickr

In Groundhog Day fashion, every morning of high school and college (and, who am I kidding, long beyond), I would wake up and evaluate my fine, frizzy waves in the mirror. I’d look at the time, realize there’s absolutely no way to tame that mess in so short a period, and say, “Screw it, I’m just going to put it up in a bun.”

You could describe these as years of wasted potential, of flat-ironed ‘dos and waves that never came to be. You could also think of them as years wasted on not-quite-there buns — ones thrown together thoughtlessly with damp, bending-every-which-way hair.

After all, there are plenty of ways to make the everyday, go-to hairstyle look chic and fresh. The last couple of seasons on the runways, we’ve been seeing plenty of plays on the bun in the form of top knots, ballerinas, and chignons — both purposely messy and impossibly polished. Most of them are quite easy to pull off at home. And, not one of them will make you look like you just rolled out of bed — at least not in a bad way.

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