Sleeves, Lace, & Bling: Highlights From Bridal Fashion Week!

Photo: Getty

Just like ready-to-wear fashion, wedding dress trends are fickle, changing from decade to decade depending on popular culture, political conditions, tastes and whimsies. Gone are the puffy sleeves of the 1980s, for example, making way for sleeker styles. Yet season after season, while creating that “something new” brides lust over, wedding dress designers continue to draw their inspiration from bygone eras. At the recent Bridal Fashion Week in New York City, we saw vintage-inspired styles like longer sleeves, high-neck illusion necklines, and all types of lace, a step back from the ubiquitous strapless dresses and a return to more covered-up times. Every spring and fall, magazine editors and buyers flock to these shows to catch the latest in bridal fashion. Here’s a preview of the “something new” brides will soon be wearing down the aisle–liberally sprinkled with “something old” inspiration.

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