September Cover Girls, Reviewed

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue magazine cover September 2013


The September issue of fashion glossies is the industry’s back-to-school bible. It’s traditionally the year’s biggest seller—there was a whole documentary made about the issue!—and generates particular buzz when it comes to cover models. With such keen interest in September issues, which go on sale shortly before the start of New York Fashion Week, editors sometimes take the opportunity to experiment and take fashion risks—but it’s equally important (and business savvy) to feature someone who sells. Because yes, size matters when it comes to this issue: There’s always a competition for ad pages and newsstand sales with September books. Here’s a look at the women whom fashion editors placed bets on this time around.

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I Made Up A Bunch Of Zany Alternate Endings To “The Hills”

The Hills

Remember when…

It’s still so fresh in our minds: the Prince of Malibu watching longingly as The Queen of “Laguna Beach” heads off into the sunset onto a Hollywood sound stage, signaling the end to one of the most popular MTV shows of all time, but catching “Hills” fans completely off guard with the “set” reveal, and leaving a gnawing question (What was actually REAL???) that still lingers ’til this day. Damn you, Adam DiVello!

So maybe the term “reality TV” didn’t perfectly apply to “The Hills,” but our utter devotion to the series’ every twist, turn and memorable one-liner remained true the whole way through. From Heidi and LC’s “You’re a sucky person!” argument to Lo’s re-naming of Justin to Justin Bobby, we were certainly never at a loss for blog material! And now that MTV will be airing an alternate version of the finale on August 9 (at the conclusion of its RetroMTV Brunch marathon), our creative juices are flowing. Will Lauren Conrad return? Will Kristin and Brody share a full-on lip-lock? Or maybe Justin will burp a beautiful goodbye as his send-off to Audrina? The possibilities are endless, so we dreamed up a few of our own.

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I Just Talked To Nick Lachey (Pinch Me)

Between his successful ’90s boy-band comeback tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men, a new album of lullabies written for his 10-month-old son, Camden, and various TV hosting gigs, 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey is one busy man. But the 39-year-old ex-heartthrob found a few minutes to talk with TIME…

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Celeb Photo Gallery: The Many Loves Of Cher

Photo: IMDB. Cher with now-ex David Geffen. He is now gay. And bald.

“Like all respectable celebrity babes, Cher has been linked to Elvis. Reportedly, in 1975 he invited her to Vegas for the weekend, but her nerves got the best of her. ‘When he called, I was just too frightened … to go to Las Vegas with him for the weekend,’ Cher told Good Morning America. ‘I regretted it forever.’

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Samantha Bee on Jon Stewart’s Grooming Habits, her Work-Life Balance, and Why We Shouldn’t Exfoliate So Much

I recently talked to Samantha Bee from The Daily Show about sharing beauty products with her husband, her work-life balance, and Jon Stewart’s grooming habits. Read entire article on YourTango. Here are some choice quotes/outtakes which aren’t in the article:

On her beauty routine (since she’s promoting a campaign with Dove): “I’m old-fashioned when it comes to my beauty routine. I feel like we’re all so concerned right now with peeling away layers of skin. It actually behooves all of us to let some of that sit for awhile. Hold on to the skin you have. Buff it a little bit, but don’t get too crazy.”

On sharing beauty products with her husband, Jason Jones from The Daily Show“I used to put skincare products in Jason’s stocking every year for Christmas, but two years later, I would find those products unopened. I just stopped, because he just uses what I use.”


On Jon Stewart’s grooming routine (I just had to ask her about that, since he’s one of my biggest TV crushes): “I think he looks good. He pulls it together in the end; he’s pretty casual. He’s not a dresser-upper around the office: I think he’s so focused on working hard.”

On working with her husband, and parenting their three kids: “We work together, we walk to work together, we share an office. We have our desks up against each other, and our computers face each other. In general, I love it. It’s good for us as parents, because we have three little kids, so we get a lot of our adult conversations — and by adult I don’t mean X-rated — out of the way when we’re at work and walking to work, and accomplishing tasks together. So when we go home, we’re really focused on our kids. It’s not relationship check-in time for us; we’ve already done that. It’s been a really great arrangement. I don’t really know what we would do if we didn’t work together. And we write together outside of work, too. Man, we are really up in each others’ grills all the time.”