Vogue Editor Wants Us All to Eat More

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Whenever I’m at dinner with a group of people lately, I feel like everyone thinks the bread basket is a land mine that’ll blow up the moment they touch it. So now I feel terrible about reaching for it because my companions are always so utterly blasé about its existence. (Seriously, would it kill you to nibble a bit?) A lot of people have such unhealthy relationships with food these days: There’s no enjoyment, only guilt and silent, or not-so-silent, judgment.

Amid this calorie-restricting landscape, it’s heartening to see a voice of reason — coming from a member of the fashion set, no less. In a recent interview with food and lifestyle site The New Potato, Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman extolled the virtues of eating and enjoying food, knocking her juice-cleansing colleagues down a couple of pegs. “It’s become a bit of an obsession of mine, people being faddy about their eating,” she said. “I don’t think it’s healthy and I don’t think it’s sociable. I think it’s relatively bad manners, all of the excuses people make for not eating.”

Yes! “Bad manners” definitely hits the nail on the head. Eating is a social act, so wouldn’t refusing to eat for no good reason be considered anti-social? And it’s not like you need to be a glutton, she added. “I think it’s good to be healthy. I don’t think you should sit there stuffing croissants into your mouth. I just wish people could take a bit more pleasure — real pleasure — in food, without eating and then self-flagellating about it immediately afterwards.” (For the record, I, personally, think it’s okay to sometimes sit there and stuff croissants into your mouth.)

Shulman, who has previously criticized the fashion industry for the proliferation of unhealthy-looking, rail-thin models, made one last, very important point: When adults put themselves on restricting diets, it sets a bad example for kids. “I’ve watched contemporaries of mine and the way they behave around food. They’ve got teenage girls; are they then surprised if their children have eating disorders?” That’s just tragic.

So how do we adopt a healthier relationship with food? It’s not rocket science: Enjoy what you love in moderation. TNP asked Shulman a question that we should all ask ourselves, “What does your ‘ideal food day’ look like?” Like a good British person, she included pudding in hers. This led me to visualize my own ideal food day: It would definitely include chocolate croissants, sushi, and Thin Mints. What about yours? #foodforthought

September Cover Girls, Reviewed

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue magazine cover September 2013


The September issue of fashion glossies is the industry’s back-to-school bible. It’s traditionally the year’s biggest seller—there was a whole documentary made about the issue!—and generates particular buzz when it comes to cover models. With such keen interest in September issues, which go on sale shortly before the start of New York Fashion Week, editors sometimes take the opportunity to experiment and take fashion risks—but it’s equally important (and business savvy) to feature someone who sells. Because yes, size matters when it comes to this issue: There’s always a competition for ad pages and newsstand sales with September books. Here’s a look at the women whom fashion editors placed bets on this time around.

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Fantasy Hair & Petal Dresses: Q&A With Theia Creative Director Don O’Neill

Photo: Theia

Don O’Neill, the creative director of goddess-like wedding and evening gown collection Theia, may not be a household name (yet), but we’re pretty sure you’ve seen his creations on a bevy of celebs: Most recently, he dressed Angela Bassett in a jewel-toned amethyst gown for the Tony Awards. He also created the high-tech, image-projecting gown in which Carrie Underwood performed at the Grammy’s, sewing thousands of crystals on the bodice. O’Neill’s personal life has been in the spotlight recently, too: In May, he proposed to Pascal Guillermie (owner of floral boutique Fleur De Pascal), his partner of 20 years, while the two were vacationing in Miami Beach. Not content with a simple old proposal, he had an airplane fly overhead with the banner: “Pascal Je T’aime! Will You Marry Me?” Here, we chat with him about the dramatic proposal, his latest wedding dress collection, his favorite bridal hairstyles and more.

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Converse + “The Simpsons” = Pop Culture Synergy

Photo: Converse

Pop culture geeks rejoice: 105-year-old sneaker maker Converse is teaming up with The Simpsons for a shoe collection inspired by characters from the long-running (it’s in its 25th season!) animated TV show.

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Zac Posen Designs Diffusion Line For David’s Bridal

Zac Posen’s name brings to mind old-Hollywood glamour, refined tailoring, dramatic details. It conjures up images of all the celebrities he has outfitted for the red carpet, including Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, and Claire Danes. But with his new diffusion line for David’s Bridal, Truly Zac Posen, a more diverse variety of women—of brides, to be more specific—will be able to pick up his designs, off-the-rack. Featuring the designer’s signature details, such as mermaid tails, figure-flattering corsetry, and delicate layering of textures, the line will launch next February online and in 50 stores, with six wedding-dress styles ranging from $850 to $1,350, and five social occasion dresses (perhaps for the bridesmaids?), which will retail for $195 to $225.

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Kate Upton’s Latest Foray Into High Fashion: June 2013 Vogue Cover

Kate Upton Vogue cover

Photo: Vogue

Can somebody please get Kate Upton some work?

Yeah, right. The buxom bombshell-next door isn’t exactly knocking on doors for high-end modeling gigs. You wouldn’t think a social-media-sensation-turned-Sports-Illustrated-Swimsuit-Issue-cover-girl has the chops to crack the Anna Wintour code. But Upton has reached an echelon even Kim Kardashian couldn’t, landing the June cover of American Vogue, out on newsstands May 21.

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Pale People at the Oscars (Like Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams) Are My Heroes

jessica chastain oscars 2013 armani prive

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oscars 2013 amy adams oscar de la renta

Above: Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams at the Oscars, in Armani Privé and Oscar de la Renta, respectively.

What do these two ladies have in common, besides being Oscar nominees this year? They’re rocking pale, natural skin—sans unhealthy tanning beds or ugly spray tans. Overly-bronzed celebs should take a cue from these gorgeous, pasty redheads, who aren’t wearing any more color than tinted moisturizer. (But hey, when you have a golden-bronze dress like Jessica’s Armani, who even needs a tan?) Even the fashion world is taking note. Coco Rocha tweeted with #nospraytan:

Can the pale-skin celeb trend trickle down to the masses soon enough? I really hope so. It’s so much more flattering, healthy and simply honest to let your pale self shine.

In other news, I just can’t get enough of Amy Adams’ feathery Oscar de la Renta— I did think her hairstyle could be a bit more flattering though—take a cue from Jessica’s glamorous, effortless waves. And who did Jessica’s red lipstick? It so perfectly accentuates her glowing dress.

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