10 Ways to Give Your Place a Welcoming Vibe

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Creating an inviting space for you and your guests is all about the details.

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A few more I love…

Super-cute gumball machine with confetti walls, from A Place for Us:

Courtesy of A Place for Us

These sweet colored glass bottles from Etsy:

From PineknobsAndCrickets on Etsy.com

Gorgeous plates with gold-leafed letters from The Sweet Escape:

Courtesy of The Sweet Escape

A unique corner idea:

Pretty mason jar soap dispenser from The Wood Grain Cottage:

Courtesy of The Wood Grain Cottage

Girly Bathroom Decor Ideas: Part 1

I’ve decided to go for it at the new apartment and paint the downstairs half-bathroom bright pink—since there’s a whole other (main) bathroom to be left to manly decorating devices. The Home Depot folks did a pretty good job custom-mixing a Barbie-like color for me, and now it’s the girliest spot in the entire place. When I finishing decorating it I’ll put up pics. For now, here’s some inspiration for my girly bathroom:

pink bathroom

Photo: CountryLiving.com

Is this stenciled damask or wallpaper? I would do white stencil on my pink wall. I dig the corner shelf and random art.

pink bathroom

Photo: reasonstobreathe.tumblr.com

Love the pink ceiling and framed objects on the wall.

The chandelier and the standing mirror on the vanity make this happen for me, giving the whole space a slightly vintage, ragged-around-the-edges look.

How super-girly. I would do pinstripes instead of fat stripes for this. The frames around the medicine cabinets are adorable—unfortunately, not doable in my bathroom, but I have similar frames to hang on the wall.

I want to steal this entire space… the claw-foot tub, the wooden mirror, the old-school carpet: so perfect for a woman-cave.

Turquoise is another vibrant color option—maybe for my next girly bathroom. And there’s something so glam about having a non-working fireplace and carpeting in your bathroom.

toille blue bathroom

Photo: glamlamb.com

Well hello, blue toille.

Photo: parisapartment.wordpress.com

This picture, from one of my favorite blogs (also websites, also a brilliant book) The Paris Apartment pretty much sums it up.

Should I Put Books in My Non-Working Fireplace? Shelves? Mirrors? Wine Bottles?

The boy and I just moved to a brand-spanking new two-level apartment on the Upper West Side, which is a huge upgrade from our tiny old Astoria bungalow. One of its most comely features is the exposed brick wall with a (non-working, at least according to what the rental company told us) fireplace. There’s a mantel, which we’ve dotted with candles, flowers, and vintage vases, and we’re still trying to figure out what to hang above it as our apartment’s centerpiece. And then there’s the fireplace itself, which is a solid 2 square feet of unused space. What do people do with their non-working fireplaces? Since I only know “grownups” with working fireplaces and young people with decidedly zero fireplaces, I took to the Internet to find out and get ideas. Here’s some inspiration:

fireplace decor

1. This family, courtesy of DesignSponge, decorated their antique fireplace with coffee table books and old artwork. I really dig their suitcase coffee table.

fireplace decor

Photo: DesignSponge

2. Stacks of magazines. That is something I have a lot of, since I never ever throw magazines away. This idea wins so far. Also from DesignSponge.

Photo: ApartmentTherapy.com

3. More book storage, via ApartmentTherapy. Very pretty, but kind of impractical: How would you take out any of those books to read?

white fireplace with book shelves

Photo: Freshome.com

4. Ooh, a very appealing fireplace decor option with shelf storage and wallpaper. Our fireplace’s size might be too weirdly configured for this, but I like the idea.

5. When in doubt, go with booze.

What’s in my fireplace now? Coffee table books galore—it could be prettier. #imaworkinprogress. To be continued…