How Beauty Editors Beat The Winter Blues


photo jjjj56cp/flickr

Cold winter mornings tend to bring out our “eff everything” spirit. We can barely pry open our eyes, much less think about carefully priming our lids and lining them with precise little swoops. Most weekdays, the routine is: brush teeth, stand under scalding shower while trying to wake up, spend 10 minutes making self look like human being, stuff feet into waterproof boots, and get the hell to work. Hate everything. Repeat ad infinitum.

But, on those rare mornings when we wake up an hour early, crank the Spotify, treat ourselves to a whole routine (Clarisonic! Serum! PRIMER!), and actually do our hair? Well, our busy souls feel downright…happy. We may even start humming Disney songs and imagine cartoon birds chirping around us. We strut into the gray, dreary, winter world feeling like we can take it on. These extra moments of caring for ourselves — even if they’re stolen while it’s still dark outside — make all the difference for the rest of the day.

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