How to Overcome Your Fear of Blue Eye Shadow (Even Though I Haven’t Yet)

I have really deep-set eyes, so when I’ve tried blue eye shadow — or really any color that’s darker than cream — I inevitably end up looking like a weird raccoon. I mean, colorful eye shadow can be super hard to pull off: We all have that fear of looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show or an ’80s music video girl. As Alice Gregory writes in The New York Times’ T Magazineblue eye shadow can be interpreted as “shorthand for vulgarity and camp (think Jessica Rabbit, Anna Nicole Smith, Divine in ‘Pink Flamingos’). Blue eye shadow is a crude trick, one that efficiently enhances a performance of femininity. It’s no surprise that it appeals to fourth graders and drag queens.”

Blue eye makeup doesn’t have to evoke drag queens, though.

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