How to Overcome Your Fear of Blue Eye Shadow (Even Though I Haven’t Yet)

I have really deep-set eyes, so when I’ve tried blue eye shadow — or really any color that’s darker than cream — I inevitably end up looking like a weird raccoon. I mean, colorful eye shadow can be super hard to pull off: We all have that fear of looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show or an ’80s music video girl. As Alice Gregory writes in The New York Times’ T Magazineblue eye shadow can be interpreted as “shorthand for vulgarity and camp (think Jessica Rabbit, Anna Nicole Smith, Divine in ‘Pink Flamingos’). Blue eye shadow is a crude trick, one that efficiently enhances a performance of femininity. It’s no surprise that it appeals to fourth graders and drag queens.”

Blue eye makeup doesn’t have to evoke drag queens, though.

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Vogue Editor Wants Us All to Eat More

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Whenever I’m at dinner with a group of people lately, I feel like everyone thinks the bread basket is a land mine that’ll blow up the moment they touch it. So now I feel terrible about reaching for it because my companions are always so utterly blasé about its existence. (Seriously, would it kill you to nibble a bit?) A lot of people have such unhealthy relationships with food these days: There’s no enjoyment, only guilt and silent, or not-so-silent, judgment.

Amid this calorie-restricting landscape, it’s heartening to see a voice of reason — coming from a member of the fashion set, no less. In a recent interview with food and lifestyle site The New Potato, Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman extolled the virtues of eating and enjoying food, knocking her juice-cleansing colleagues down a couple of pegs. “It’s become a bit of an obsession of mine, people being faddy about their eating,” she said. “I don’t think it’s healthy and I don’t think it’s sociable. I think it’s relatively bad manners, all of the excuses people make for not eating.”

Yes! “Bad manners” definitely hits the nail on the head. Eating is a social act, so wouldn’t refusing to eat for no good reason be considered anti-social? And it’s not like you need to be a glutton, she added. “I think it’s good to be healthy. I don’t think you should sit there stuffing croissants into your mouth. I just wish people could take a bit more pleasure — real pleasure — in food, without eating and then self-flagellating about it immediately afterwards.” (For the record, I, personally, think it’s okay to sometimes sit there and stuff croissants into your mouth.)

Shulman, who has previously criticized the fashion industry for the proliferation of unhealthy-looking, rail-thin models, made one last, very important point: When adults put themselves on restricting diets, it sets a bad example for kids. “I’ve watched contemporaries of mine and the way they behave around food. They’ve got teenage girls; are they then surprised if their children have eating disorders?” That’s just tragic.

So how do we adopt a healthier relationship with food? It’s not rocket science: Enjoy what you love in moderation. TNP asked Shulman a question that we should all ask ourselves, “What does your ‘ideal food day’ look like?” Like a good British person, she included pudding in hers. This led me to visualize my own ideal food day: It would definitely include chocolate croissants, sushi, and Thin Mints. What about yours? #foodforthought

How to Do Sunscreen Right

Taken in 2012, somewhere in SoCal

It’s almost beach season. Pretty soon, we’ll be herding our families to the shore and trying to make sure everyone slathers on SPF so they don’t bake. But is that sunscreen you’re using protecting you as much as it could be? I talked to a couple of experts to find out how to get the most out of this summer (or, let’s face it, everyday) essential.

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10 Ways to Give Your Place a Welcoming Vibe

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Creating an inviting space for you and your guests is all about the details.

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A few more I love…

Super-cute gumball machine with confetti walls, from A Place for Us:

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These sweet colored glass bottles from Etsy:

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Gorgeous plates with gold-leafed letters from The Sweet Escape:

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A unique corner idea:

Pretty mason jar soap dispenser from The Wood Grain Cottage:

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Is It Okay to Keep Your Makeup in the Fridge?

Some people really like keeping their beauty products in the fridge. Carly Cardellino,’s beauty editor, swears by it (her grandma gave her that advice, which is usually a pretty solid reason). The common belief is that keeping cosmetics cool can prolong their shelf lives.

But does it work? Not really, according to most of the experts we spoke with. Instead, they advise being cautious about refrigerating your beauty essentials and to do it only for certain things.

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