Inventing New Cocktail Recipes with Gin & Bourbon!

cocktail mixing


Lately I’ve taken to inventing cocktails. Just zipping around the kitchen, picking out and mixing ingredients that taste good together, can actually result in yummy drinks. Here are a couple of the latest. Pick your own proportions.

The Orange Collins: Gin, orange juice, soda water, a dash of lime juice.

The Ridin’ Dirty: Lemonade, black cherry hard cider (I used McKenzie brand), soda water, bourbon.

Anyway Café and More of NYC’s Best Russian Bars

anyway cafe best russian bars in nyc

Photo: Nate Ginsburg

No one knows how to get out of the cold better than the Russians. We did, after all, invent the shuba (fur coat), valenki (felt boots), and shapka ushanka (that big silly fur hat). In Russia, the best way to warm up is still the classic vodka shot method, accompanied by some selyodka(herring) and black bread. Learning any new vocabulary yet? Good, because you’re about to barhop Russian style.

Novelist Alexander Nazaryan recently wrote in the Times that there are no bars, only restaurants, in Brighton Beach, but whatever you call them, Russian establishments involve drinking and lots of it. Russian bars in NYC run the gamut, from the nouveau-riche West 50s to the college-y East Village joints to the places that are actually filled with Russkis. We’ve got you covered on all fronts, so let’s make our way from Midtown all the way down to the southern tip of Brooklyn.

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